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nazwa firmy ELZAB
pełna nazwa firmy ELZAB S.A.
kraj Polska
branża Inżynieria mechaniczna
strona internetowa http://www.elzab.pl


ELZAB S.A. is a company specialising in projecting, production and distribution of a wide range of fiscal cash registers, devices and systems for Points of Sales, peripherals and accessories for sales registering and managing. The company offers: professional services and advisory in the range of complex managing the back-office and sale of merchandises and services, complex deliveries, installation of cash registers and additional equipment, integration of merchandises and services retail sales registering systems, warranty and after warranty service through the service and distribution network on the whole area of Poland, training in the range of sales service. Thanks high quality and functionality our cash registers have achieved the wide acceptance in country (over 450.000 sold devices) and abroad. ELZAB S.A. exports its devices to following countries: Hungary, Slovakia and Greece.
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Kwota emisji w obrocie

Waluta Emisje w obrocie Cumulative volume
PLN 1 25 000 000


Papier wartościowy Volume, mln Stan
ELZAB, FRN 3apr2018, PLN (A/2015) 25 PLN W obrocie